Payment Options

You can listen to your music selections on the little room download page music players before making your purchase via our secure PayPal and encrypted credit card connection. Please note that you can make payments using PayPal without needing to sign up for an account. Each download page will allow you to listen to either entire tracks, or short previews of songs when logging in to iTunes.

As you will see from some of the links, artist albums hosted on iTunes do not give you a facility to choose an alternative payment option due to standard iTunes pricing, and neither do the recommended track and album selling prices on some artist pages.  Where possible, we want you to be able to choose what price you would like to pay so that recompense can be flexible. This includes the option of downloading music free if you wish.

To pay the price you choose, or to accept a gift from us, please click the ‘Name Your Price’ tab. Click ‘ download’ and then enter the amount you wish to pay, anything from a zero amount to accept a gift, up to whatever figure you feel inspired to pay!

We don’t want finance to prevent you from enjoying our music, hence the option to name your own price or choose a gift. Those generous visitors to Little Room who have chosen to pay more than the advertised price are giving a gift which enables others to enjoy music without finance being an issue. Thank you.

Once you have made your selections and added them to your cart, you will be able to choose the currency for your transaction (currently £ Sterling and $ US Dollars). CD purchases can also be made from anywhere in the world when you click the ‘Select Your  Country’ indicator on the left of the page.

To see the entire catalogue of album releases which are available on the Little Room download store, and on each artists purchase page, please click on the Little Room banner at the top of any album page when you are on the purchasing/listening section of the site. Clicking back on an album image will return you to the relevant download/listening page, where you may continue with your transaction and add to your shopping cart.