Joanne Hogg

Joanne is the lead singer of the Celtic band Iona. She was born in Ballymena, Northern Ireland, the daughter of a Presbyterian minister and a nurse. She studied medicine at Queen’s University Belfast, and following an audition at an arts festival in Holland, was invited to join a singing group based in Denmark. She took a year off from her studies, and also recorded for Adrian Snell on his landmark Alpha and Omega project. She subsequently returned to Queens to complete her two remaining years of study, and then interned as a junior doctor at Belfast City Hospital to complete her registration.

Some six months into her internship, she was taken seriously ill and was consequently required to rest and recover. She eventually completed her registration as a doctor, but was advised on medical grounds not to continue in full-time medical practice. It was during her convalescence that she was contacted by Dave Bainbridge and David Fitzgerald, who were in the process of forming Iona and were convinced that Joanne was the right choice to take the role of lead singer and co-composer. She agreed, and the rest is history. Since then, Iona have toured all over Europe and America, and their recordings have become phenomenally successful worldwide, making them one of Europe’s best-selling Celtic bands.

Joanne recorded her first solo album in 1999, entitled Looking into Light a selection of newly arranged traditional hymns, with musicians from Iona providing the instrumental melodies. In 2001, Hogg collaborated with vocalists Máire Brennan and Margaret Becker and released an album of New Irish Hymns, the first of three in a series of similar projects.

In 2008, she released two solo albums, Raphael’s Journey and Personal. Raphael’s Journey is available only as a download and features friend Máire Brennan of Clannad. Her Personal album was also released alongside a press release designed to give fans an insight into the process and making of the album.

Her vocals have also been featured in videogames, most notably the Sony PlayStation role-playing video game, Xenogears. You can stay in touch with her latest recording and touring work at

Albums by Joanne Hogg

I Am The Great Sun EP and Double CD / 2000

This ancient liturgical poem can be found in St. David's Cathedral Wales, and no one knows the source of the original text.
'Our Lord The Sun' was used in prayer by the early Christian Church up to and including the fifth and sixth centuries, and embodied in the Liturgy until altered to 'Our Lord The God'.
It has also been found on a Norman crucifix of 1632, and an adaptation of the text has been included in an anthology of verse by the English poet Charles Causley. The musical setting was composed by David Clifton after hearing it read during an Oxfordshire Easter Vigil service.  This recording was produced in Suffolk by Nigel Palmer, and remastered in the USA, in 2013

There are a few remaining archive copies left of the original full length double CD compilation, and these are available for purchase via the CD sales store. Full details of the track-list and the featured artists can be found on the CD information page once you visit the store.

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The Lord's My Shepherd (Psalm 23) / 2002 (Remastered 2013)

A beautiful simple guitar and vocal arrangement of this much loved traditional hymn, originally released on the Liturgy Of Time compilation album. In response to the many enquiries we have received from those looking for this song and also Joanne's performance of I Am The Great Sun, we have created a dedicated page for these titles.

Produced and Recorded by

  • Phil Baggaley and Neil Costello

Arrangement by

  • Joanne Hogg and David Clifton


  • Lead Vocal - Joanne Hogg
  • Penny Whistle - David Fitzgerald
  • Acoustic and Ambient Guitar, Mandola - David Clifton


  • Little Room Recordings 2013

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I Am The Great Sun (Radio SIngle) / 2001

This radio mix version of the single was edited, remixed and re-recorded by Jon Kelly in London during the winter of 2001.                                        Remastered and additionally edited 2013

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