Ian Blythe

Growing up in the Nottingham and Derby area, Ian Blythe is an accomplished keyboard player, composer and choral arranger. His love of music and his songwriting work is combined with a busy corporate career in pharmaceuticals. He has shared a musical partnership with Phil Baggaley stretching back to their early childhood, when they both played in brass bands together.

His later collaborations with Phil, Adrian Plass and David Clifton resulted in the writing of the City Of Gold album,  and the subsequent series of recordings. Ian was choir director and arranger for the City Of Gold concert series, as well choir director and conductor for the Shipwrecks And Islands tour.

Albums by Ian Blythe

City of Gold / 1997

Co-written with Phil Baggaley, David Clifton and featuring the poetry of Adrian Plass, this inspirational recording has found a place in the hearts of over 70.000 people around the world. This unique album of music, poetry, prose and songs explores perceptions of heaven and the reality of pain, separation, loss of life and loved ones, and points toward the hope-filled promise of new life in the joy of new creation. Lead vocalists Mal Pope and Julie Costello deliver passionate and heartfelt performances throughout. You can read some of the moving reviews and testimonials here on the www.amazon.com website.

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Road to the City / 2001

This is the prequel recording project from the popular series of albums featuring the poetry of Adrian Plass and the music and songs of Phil Baggaley, David Clifton and Ian Blythe. The music, songs, poetry and prose points the way and prepares the ground for both City Of Gold and Shipwrecks And Islands. Music and songs are by Ian, Phil Baggaley, and David Clifton, and the featured vocalists are Mal Pope and Julie Costello.

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Shipwrecks / 1999

We live in a difficult and despairing world, and many of us understandably seek to settle for the safety and familiarity of an established lifestyle. We often close our eyes and ears to devastation in the lives of people around us, be they family, friends, or neighbours. The purpose of Shipwrecks & Islands is not just to provide food for thought, but to offer comfort to those who are experiencing times of trial. It is also an encouragement to those who might be able to help, yet have forgotten that simple words of encouragement and the smallest grains of faith and love can make a world of difference. From the same writing team as the City of Gold recordings, this album features the poetry of Adrian Plass, and the music of Ian, Phil Baggaley and David Clifton.

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Still Small Voice / 2001

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Liturgy of Time

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