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Welcome to the Little Room archive pages, where you will find interesting projects, old and unusual news, photographs and the background stories (as well as some of the skeletons in the wardrobe!) of some of our artists and writers. From their first heady days and tentative steps in the general direction of musical creativity and a career in music, through to the new beginnings, flourishing careers and early successes, you will find it all here. We will add photographs and recordings as they become available, and we hope you will enjoy a nostalgic look and listen back to some of the musical journeys of our artist’s and songwriter’s careers. We will also do our best to bring you some of the hard-to-find recordings that you have contacted us about.

Featured Little Room Archives

Father Of My Soul ( EP) - David Clifton & Phil Keaggy / 2016

Recorded in Nashville during a writing session in late 2006 at Phil Keaggy's studio, this little song is a meditation on themes from the book of Psalms and the book of Proverbs. It is a delightful acoustic duet, with bass guitar, electric guitar and percussion overdubs added by Phil after their live acoustic recording. Now released  as a single on iTunes and all streaming services. An EP download is also available, featuring the main mix, an acoustic and vocal harmony version, and an instrumental mix of David and Phil's live acoustic take.

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I Am The Great Sun / 2000

Joanne Hogg

Three mixes of  'I Am The Great Sun' are available for download; the full length album track, the radio single edit by Jon Kelly, and also a piano vocal version. This was the title track of a Celtic music compilation, originally released in 2000 but now no longer available on general release. The song was first featured on the Celtic Expressions series, and then licensed by Little Room for the compilation.

Joanne Hogg is from Ballymena, Ireland, and is lead vocalist of the Celtic folk rock band, Iona. She has released several highly acclaimed solo albums, and has also recorded a unique project with Maire Brennan of Clannad, and the Nashville based singer Margaret Becker.

There are a few remaining archive copies left of the original full length double CD compilation, and these are available for purchase via the CD sales store. Full details of the track-list and the featured artists can be found on the CD information page once you visit the store page.

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Phil & John & The Woodthieves / 1991


Phil & John & The Woodthieves recorded this song in America, during an extensive USA tour supporting guitar virtuoso and singer-songwriter Phil Keaggy. Mandolin was overdubbed and the mix completed back home in Derby, and it was first released in the summer of 1994 on their live album, 'Breakfast At Ruby’s'.

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Sensible Jerseys / 1985

Go To Work

A little classic from the Sensible Jerseys for all fans of indie music. Recorded in Townhouse 3, formerly The Who's recording studio in Battersea, Go To Work was a favourite song from the Sensible Jersey's live set. With one day spare at the end of the recording session for their new single (Two Way Radio), the band gathered to make use of the unused day. Produced by David Clifton, engineered and mixed by the house engineer, the whole track was recorded,  finished and mixed in one day. There were minimal overdubs - some harmony vocals and a lead guitar repair on the outro - and the track captures the power, fun and energy of this much respected indie band at their very best. Discovered and championed by John Peel on his late night show, he advised them not to sign to Virgin Records (they did!) We hope to bring you their John Peel BBC Radio 1 session soon.

Sensible Jerseys were: Andrew Cunningham (Guitar, Vocals), David Clifton (Backing Vocals, Guitar, Organ), Stephen Booker (Backing Vocals, Bass), Simmy Richman (Drums).

The WoodThieves / 1997


The last album release from Phil Baggaley and John Hartley, which was recorded in Nashville during the Autumn of 1994, and produced by Phil Madeira, Lynn Nichols and Chris Eaton. One additional track, Long Shadows, was recorded and produced by Andy Piercy in Derby and added to the track-list prior to mastering by Denis Blackham. The Hampton Inn, Nashville, across the road from the famous Blackstone Brewery became home to the band for a month during the recording sessions. Some of Nashville's finest studio musicians added their skills and talents to this project, including legendary steel guitar player Al Perkins, drummer Denis Holt, bassist Chris Donahue, guitarist Dave Perkins as well as other contributions from Phil Madeira on Hammond B3, and vocal harmony arrangements by Chris Eaton. Phil Keaggy kindly lent his treasured Olsen guitar to David Clifton for the tracking of the acoustics, and JB did a wonderful job of the engineering and mixing.

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The Woodthieves / 1996 / USA & Worldwide 2014

Won't You Be My Valentine

This was the promotional Single/EP released from the Providence album, which was mixed by Jon Kelly at West Side Studios, Shepherds Bush, London. There is a wild note which rips out half way through, courtesy of Thin Lizzy guitar legend Brian Robertson, who played guest lead guitar on the track. This CD Single/EP also includes two re-mixes by Producer arranger Mark Edwards.

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