About Little Room

As you will be able to read in more detail on the orange and blue header bars, little room was first founded as an independent record label in 1993, working out of a small recording studio and office space in London’s Covent Garden. The parent company,  little room.com is the home of Little Room Recordings and Little Room Music publishing, and our library music catalogue, the LR library. We are primarily a digital music download site and you can listen to the work of our artists and songwriters via our download pages, and access our entire library music catalogue, which is hosted by Auralation Music USA. We also offer selected limited edition CD’s for sale by mail order from Burning Shed Distribution

Little Room  was originally formed as an independent label to release the first recording by Andy Piercy and David Clifton. The music publishing division was established in late 1994. Little Room Music is intended for songwriters who are looking for a more personal approach to music publishing, administration, advice, and the management and promotion of their works. The LR library is a Music Library with a wide variety of styles, genres and soundscapes, designed to meet  the needs of every production and music editor looking for melodic, varied and original music. This is the most recent venture and addition to the work of the company, and was founded in May 2011.

For full details and a history of the different aspects of  little room, please click on the relevant tabs for the Little Room Recordings and Little Room Music publishing pages, and the LR library page where you will find more specific information.

We are honoured to represent the music of our artists, composers and songwriters and to be able to support and encourage them in their work. We hope you enjoy listening to their music and that you will stay in touch and look out for their new releases, as well as checking their individual web-sites for updates and concerts. We will keep you informed of developments and plans via the latest news area of the web-site.

When you click on Payment Options under the ‘information’ heading you will find a helpful guide and short explanation about your purchase transaction, and how to get the best from your visit to the little room site.

“A little room concentrates the mind, a large one distracts it”
—Leonardo da Vinci, 1452-1519

“Thus methinks should men of judgement frame
Their means of traffic from the vulgar trade,
And, as their wealth increaseth, so enclose
Infinite riches in a little room”
—Christopher Marlowe, 1564-1593

“To whom little is not enough, nothing is ever enough”
—Greek proverb

“Make yourself little in the depths of your heart”
—Francois Fenelon 1651-1715

“Do not despise the day of small things and small beginnings,
for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin…”
—Zechariah 4, verse 10

Little Room Limited. London, England UK, and Knoxville TN, USA
Registered Office: Antrobus House, 18, College Street, Petersfield, Hampshire GU31 4AD England  UK
Company Number 4508685  Date of Incorporation: 12th August 2002

Music Content Management and Registration Of Works: Gabriel Osborne
Publishing Assistant, The LR Library: Cameron King
Technical Design/Webmaster: George Middlebrooks
Graphic Design: Karen Sawrey

Accounting: Anne Deakin, ADH Consulting. Bookkeeping and USA Accountants:  Sarah Vandergriff, Adrienne Webster

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