Welcome to littleroom.com, home of little room recordings, little room music publishing and the LR library. little room was formed nearly twenty years ago in 1993, beginning as an independent record label working from a small studio and office in Earlham Street, Covent Garden, London WC2. The original vision of the company is still the same; presenting and bringing unique, varied and niche music to a loyal and ever-growing following.  We are delighted to publish, represent, and distribute the work of the artists, songwriters and composers listed under the little room recordings and little room music publishing divisions.  We’ll bring you their latest work as soon as new recordings are available.

The littleroom.com site also includes our library music division, hosted by Auralation in the USA. More information about the LR library and full details of our library music catalogue of works for film, television, advertising and soundtrack use can be found on the LR library homepage. Music commissioning editors, producers and directors looking for original new music for their projects will find an extensive selection of great ideas and creative themes to choose from.

While you are visiting, please take a moment to read through the background and history of  little room recordings and little room music publishing by clicking the links here, or the orange and blue header bars.  We want to be as flexible as possible in the way that we offer you our music, so we have provided an option for you to choose what you would like to pay. The ‘buy now’ and ‘name your own price’ tabs next to each album on the artist and writer pages will take you through to the relevant music download site, where you can listen to recordings and download your selections. Please read the payment options page under the information bar if you would like further information.

We hope you enjoy the work of our writers, artists and composers, and thank you for visiting littleroom.com

“Thus methinks should men of judgement frame
Their means of traffic from the vulgar trade,
And, as their wealth increaseth, so enclose
Infinite riches in a little room”
—Christopher Marlowe, 1564-1593